Wondering what the words 'Swiss Made' actually mean?

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Have you ever wondered what the words ‘Swiss Made’ mean, while checking the time on your watch? It seems quite obvious, but did you know a few regulations need to be made before a watch can properly state to be ‘Swiss Made’. Looking at your watch to see what time it is, don’t you ever wonder what the two little words ‘Swiss Made’ on your dial actually mean? Probably you do know where the word ‘Swiss’ and the word ‘Made’ stand for but did you know there is a whole process behind this story?

‘Swiss Made’ is used as a formally phrasing since the 19th century and is, very unique as most countries use the wording ‘Made in (Country Name)’. Naturally all watches would want to be able to carry this label, as it enjoys a worldwide reputation. It expresses a high level of quality that has been built over the years by Swiss watch houses.

A watch can be considered ‘Swiss Made’ when it meets the following 6 requirements. First of all it should be a ‘Swiss watch’. A Swiss watch consist out of; a Swiss movement, a movement cased up in Switzerland and, the final inspection should be carried out in the country of origin. Second it needs to consist out of a ‘Swiss watch movement’ which means the movement has been assembled and inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland. The components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 60% of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly.

The 60% value of parts rule has been recently introduced . First it was sufficient if just  50% of all parts was produced in Switzerland, but not anymore. This protective measure has come on behalf of the ‘more Swiss Made brands’ to reduce the relevancy of the ‘less Swiss Made brands’. The Swiss National Council approved to upgrade this rule by way of a 124 against 67 majority vote. Now this is news that watch geeks like us will be perking their ears up for.

Athough affordable still 70% of a Fromanteel watch is Swiss made manufactured, which is a high quality benefit. So next time you see the label Swiss Made on your Fromanteel watch think again. There is a whole story behind its Swiss origin.  

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